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Driven magazine is a full-blooded motoring publication read exclusively by the motoring enthusiast at the top of the wealth pyramid.


Driven follows a new approach by combining aspirational motoring and comprehensive reporting on international motoring trends, with reviews of fleet vehicles, business news, interviews of key individuals and a healthy dose of men’s lifestyle content.

Driven magazine


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TCB has consistently strived to publish custom magazine titles unmatched in quality. Our editorial resources, publishing experience and professional team are responsible for several award-winning magazine titles. Our customers span the corporate, leisure, lifestyle, retail market and government.
refined magazine

Refined Magazine is the glossy lifestyle magazine, published quarterly on behalf of Fine & Country
South Africa.

Fine & Country appreciates that the most exclusive and more expensive properties require a more compelling, sophisticated and intelligent presentation. Refined Magazine is the perfect presentation for a wide selection of the finest properties for sale, in a lifestyle format that mirrors the lifestyle to which Fine & Country clients aspire – from country estates in the UK to the vineyards of South Africa and investments abroad.


As such the magazine serves as an ongoing source of reference for potential buyers and sellers.

Since 1950, Diners Club International caters to a select community of like-minded individuals who have a progressive and inspiring view of acquiring wealth. Diners Club® is more than just a corporate enterprise, it is a bespoke club that strives to deliver superior service while creating relationships beyond regular card transactions.


Clubmembers understand that the process of wealth accumulation varies from the experience gained over many years, and is contemporarily defined by diversifying values. For these clubmembers, the focus is not on what wealth can acquire, but rather what accumulated wealth can achieve.


This sophisticated approach to wealth is reflected in the manner in which clubmembers approach the purchasing process – wherein a particular purchase is not concluded to enhance personal image, but rather to facilitate positive change.

signature magazine

Premier Magazine is the official guest magazine for Bidvest Premier Lounge, the exclusive international and domestic lounges located at airport terminals across the country. The Bidvest Premier Lounge offers state-of-the-art lounge facilities at domestic and international airport terminals across South Africa. 


The Bidvest Premier Lounge offers state-of-the-art lounge facilities at domestic and international airport terminals across South Africa.

There are 11 lounges located at OR Tambo, Cape Town and King Shaka International airports, and at George, East London and Port Elizabeth airports. The Bidvest Executive Boardroom at OR Tambo also forms part of the Premier Lounge brand. Over 130,000 high net-worth individuals visit the lounges every month and boasts close to 15,000 unique digital subscribers.

Premier magazine
Skynews magazine

SkyNews magazine is published as the monthly in-flight magazine for CemAir, currently one of South Africa’s fastest-growing airlines. SkyNews magazine offers intelligent, insightful, and thought-inspiring content in a clean, sophisticated layout that retains the attention of our readers and, in turn, creates value for our advertisers. Promote your business or service to over 50,000 monthly passengers and nearly 15,000 unique digital subscribers monthly.

inflight magazine

InFlight magazine is the monthly in-flight magazine for FlySafair, South Africa’s only true low-cost carrier. Printed monthly, InFlight delivers entertaining content to a diverse audience, creating the perfect environment to promote your business or service, to over 400,000 monthly passengers and nearly 40,000 unique digital subscribers monthly.

roadtrip magazine

RoadTrip magazine, in much the same fashion as the vehicles it primarily covers, sets a new trend in the industry by merging the traditional boundaries between motoring, travel and adventure publications.

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